So it begins.

I got really excited about starting a blog. I feel like every thought I have regarding a possible first topic is jumping around in my brain, trying to escape my grasp in order to maintain its freedom to bounce around up there and never be expressed in readable words.

I don’t even know how many blogs I’ve started or attempted to start in my life, but I feel like this one is going to be a keeper. This one is going to serve as a special outlet for me and I am excited about that. Blogs are different than tangible journals (which I do keep and happen to have several of), and they are much different from all other forms of social media, which is refreshing.

My goal through this blog is to express to whoever cares to know (and even those that don’t care to know, but happen to stumble upon it anyways) the importance of my faith and what a wild crazy adventure it is, knowing and loving the one true God who knows and loves me better than anyone ever could, does, or will. i want to be an encouragement and i believe the best way to do that is by shooting for complete openness and honesty. i’m just a girl who is working on understanding and becoming the woman God created me to be, and learning how to love Him and His people the way He wants me to. That being said…

Stay honest.

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