Chasing You

This life, this love
Was always meant to be
A wild crazy adventure
Discovering, the thrill, the rush
The more of You I see,
The more it leaves me wanting Your everything
Your Everything

I’m chasing You, I’m so in love
Captivated, I just can’t get enough
I’ll spend my days running after Your heart

From the moment I rise
To the moment I sleep
My affection is for you
And even as I dream
I wanna know you
I’m after your heart

Just some of the lyrics from one of my new favorite songs. Chasing You, by Bethel 

It’s amazing to me that as much as I pursue God, He will reveal Himself. He is not forceful, but willingly GIVES Himself as I seek Him. I just want more of Him every day. Even though recently I have MADE myself read my Bible out of obedience rather than because of my own desire to do so, He still fills me with more of Him and I begin to long for that gift of Himself more and more. How awesome that He provided us with access to Him through the sacrifice of His one and only Son. I want to know everything about this God that I possibly can as a human being, and the more I know Him, the more I want Him to change me from the inside out and use me to reenforce hope in this world.

It truly pays to spend time with Jesus, even when my selfish heart feels like there are better things to do. His Word does not return void, even in our own lives. 

Be consistent. Stay obedient.

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