Heart and Soul: True Love

Heard an awesome sermon tonight at a gathering called Heart and Soul. It was about dating and purity, and it was packed with so many things that I needed to be reminded of. I noticed that a lot of the really good points the pastor made were things that I had learned and discovered on my own, through continually seeking God and allowing Him to replace all of me with all of Himself. This brings me back to last summer… An experience I will never forget, as long as I live. 

Traveling with Royal Servants to Scotland in the summer of 2013 really put me in a place where my only choice was to completely surrender myself to God, laying everything at His feet, and allowing Him to work in my heart as much as He wanted to. When I made the decision to be completely vulnerable before Him, I experienced change and growth like I never have before. I was reminded of what a joy it is to live a life completely hidden in Christ, holding nothing back. During my experience over the summer God really showed me that He is all I need, and because of that realization, I was able to LET Him be everything I desire in this life. He is sufficient for me!

Tonight’s sermon brought back to memory all the things that really resonated with me over the summer; that God is enough for me, that I can find my identity in Him alone, that His timing is perfect, and, most importantly, that when I give myself fully to Him and look no further for attention/acceptance in this world, then I am truly satisfied.

It took quite some time, and yeah, it was hard, but God has brought me to a place where I can rest in Him and be content with where I am in my life because I know I am in His will and there is no greater place. I know that His plan is perfect. I know that He sees the desires of my heart, and I know that He is using this time to build me up and make me more like Him. Lord willing, this will all eventually lead to a sweet, romantic relationship that will bring glory to His name. ‘Cause that is what’s important, friends. Life is not about us. Life is about bringing honor and glory to the One who so graciously gives us every undeserving breath we breathe; who, in His great mercy and love, gave up everything He had to gain US. I want to never forget what my response should be to such an act of absolute true love… Hold nothing back. 

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